Not so much to write about theese days. I recently became a writer for the gamesite and will publish news and posts there, but i will try to give you guys more movie and video game news during the days. Its also only 18 days until i left for the Philipines and i will blog from there!

Here are som pictures from the party last weekend! Good Times!


Movies, movies, movies.

I watch them, i love them and i write about them. I also get them for free.

Today was a bad day, i have a really bad cold and spend most of the time in my sofa watching movies and playing video games. I love to re-watch “older” movies on Blu-ray and Rush Hour was nice to see again in high definition! I also saw the movie Shelter which is a Hollywood movie made by two swedish directors. But it was not that good. Also watched the first episode of the TV-show Moonlight and i think i will enjoy the rest.

If you wanna read my reviews – head to and look out for my reviews!


I mostly write lyrics in swedish, well – i always write lyrics in swedish. Today i finished a new song and decided to try something new, so here is a translation of my newest song for my English readers to enjoy (?).

I need something to believe in (And you need me)

This happened to us – once
We defeated our illness
And i was no longer
The one against the wall , no longer the coward
You stood against
Boring and tired days
You promised me to be the one
That was going to save me again but i think you forgot

I took you closer, and told you;
Not to be afraid, this is just the beginning
Everything will be better with time…

It was me and you against them
Our geek life against mainstream
We were something unreal
An elegy, a forgotten melody

I took you closer, and told you;
Not to be afraid, this is just the beginning
Everything will be better with time…

I need something to believe in
And after all – you need me (repeat and fade…)

Fantasy (again)

I read a lot of Fantasy a few years ago, but then i suddenly stopped. I dont really know why but sometimes you just forget what you love and move on. A few weeks ago a guy contacted me trough email, he had read some of my stuff on the internet (Except for this blog i write reviews and articles for site such as and – i also have a gaming blog at and i can be seen on some other sites too) and wanted me to have a copy of his first book. So i waited, and today it finally arrived. Im very excited about this and will give you full cover here in my blog!

Thanks Fredrik, this is going to be fun!

A year in pictures. Part THREE.

Went to my 12th (!) Roskilde festival, and it was amazing. (As usual.) And worth some more shots (Below)

Home in Oslo i worked as anvcolunteer at Oslo Live, a festival held in the city.

Summer days were upon us. This is me and some friends having an early "shrimp breakfast" down by the sea at Aker Brygge.

Celebrating my friend Dennis birthday with food and beer.

Hanging in Frogner Park playing with remote control boats with Alex.

Great party with lots of friends at Peter and Madeleine place.

Going to Barcelona with Ann who i had not meet in 6 years!

To be continued…

A year in pictures. Part TWO.

Spring started closing in.

Moved to a new BIG house, celebrated easter with my whole family in Norway.

Lots of barbecue evenings counting down the upcoming summer!

Had a BIG 30-years party, one month before i actually had my birthday but anyway - it was EPIC!

Ikea had a summer party out on an island. I got totally wasted, but it was fun until i dont remember more...

World Cup in Soccer. We sat down at Aker Brygge watching games on a big screen together with "the rest" of Oslo.

I turned 30, celebrating with friends drinking beer in the sun!

One of many "drinking beer in a random park"-ocassions during the summer.

Celebrating midsummer with friends!

To be continued…

A year in pictures. Part One.

New Years Eve 2009 that turns into 2010. Fire Works in Frognerparken Oslo.

A group of friends is looking for a place to take a coffe the day after New Years Eve.

Avatar on cinema in 3D.

Party at Thereses place.

Me and my friends are having a coffe at the time when i decided to make a "coffe-guide" over Oslos best places.

I got sick and spent my 5 sickdays by watching 20 movies and playing Dead Space.

Cowboy party ay David & Pontus place!

Party at Emma and Saras place where me and the guy in the picture spent half an hour analysing and testing this bottle of Vodka.

I decided to start a nerd collection. This was the start...

Our department at Ikea had a great winter party at Holmen Hotel outside Oslo.

One of the greatest evening of party in 2010. We went out for some bears and drinks and got totally wasted.

My little sister and her boyfriend got a son they named Lukas.

Shrimp party at Emmas place, followed by a good night at a bar.

Finally i got the meet Lukas during my week of vacition early in March.

Travelling around Sweden to meet my old friends. Heres me and Christof in Trollhättan - the city where i grow up.

The trip then went to Norrköping, where i party with a lot of old friends including one of my very best - Jocke!

We took a spontaneous trip to Stockholm!

In Stockholm we meet Pelle and Bullen, played card games and got drunk.

Back in Oslo i watched Kent performed at Oslo Spektrum. But it was not that good...

We had an great Ikeaparty once more!


To be continued…


Home improvement deluxe!

I have some “big” things left to do – but the recent days my room has seen some major changes. Soon i will buy a new shelf for my living room, then i can show you guys the changes there too. Until that, my room will have to do!

I had some problem finding a good solition for my keyboard. But i nought these brackets at Ikea (of course) and i am very happy with this placement!

The brackets where perfect. The keyboard is then attached to them by super glue (No, really...)

Works great! Looks nice. I will now buy a BIG Star Wars-poster, frame it and have it over the keyboard (I think...)

Finally some more space at my nerd shelf. I bought two smaller shelf for my Nintendo/Video Game collection. Now i can add some more stuff!

Nintendo/Video games nerd shelfs!