Summer 2011.

It feels kinda weird making planes for Summer 2011 because of one simple fact; I am leaving for The Philippines in about 50 hours. So making traveling planes for a trip before i even head out for my first trip this year feels… strange. But i could not sleep yesterday and spend my time checking and planing an dreaming.

I decided last summer that i wanted to go to USA this year, so thats where i am going – but i didn’t know exactly where. The first plan where California for about 2 – 3 weeks, but then i started looking more and more into going to New York. And the final decision come to me last night – why not both of them? So i started looking into the possibilities and realized that it can work out very well. The plan is; Fly to New York around the 10th of June, be there for a week then head for L.A – stay there for five days and try to include Las Vegas and San Francisco, then back to N.Y and leave for home somewhere around the 25th.  I would really love to spend my birthday in Las Vegas.

Maybe i need three weeks for this? But if i take three weeks i don´t have anything left for the winter and i would love to have a week of there – visiting Chine or Japan.

Other then this the traveling year of 2011 includes Dubai, London (Two times) and maybe one more weekend trip. Its going to be amazing. Right now i start with the first trip on Friday then longing for summer and USA can begin!



Movies, movies, movies.

I watch them, i love them and i write about them. I also get them for free.

Today was a bad day, i have a really bad cold and spend most of the time in my sofa watching movies and playing video games. I love to re-watch “older” movies on Blu-ray and Rush Hour was nice to see again in high definition! I also saw the movie Shelter which is a Hollywood movie made by two swedish directors. But it was not that good. Also watched the first episode of the TV-show Moonlight and i think i will enjoy the rest.

If you wanna read my reviews – head to and look out for my reviews!


I mostly write lyrics in swedish, well – i always write lyrics in swedish. Today i finished a new song and decided to try something new, so here is a translation of my newest song for my English readers to enjoy (?).

I need something to believe in (And you need me)

This happened to us – once
We defeated our illness
And i was no longer
The one against the wall , no longer the coward
You stood against
Boring and tired days
You promised me to be the one
That was going to save me again but i think you forgot

I took you closer, and told you;
Not to be afraid, this is just the beginning
Everything will be better with time…

It was me and you against them
Our geek life against mainstream
We were something unreal
An elegy, a forgotten melody

I took you closer, and told you;
Not to be afraid, this is just the beginning
Everything will be better with time…

I need something to believe in
And after all – you need me (repeat and fade…)

Fantasy (again)

I read a lot of Fantasy a few years ago, but then i suddenly stopped. I dont really know why but sometimes you just forget what you love and move on. A few weeks ago a guy contacted me trough email, he had read some of my stuff on the internet (Except for this blog i write reviews and articles for site such as and – i also have a gaming blog at and i can be seen on some other sites too) and wanted me to have a copy of his first book. So i waited, and today it finally arrived. Im very excited about this and will give you full cover here in my blog!

Thanks Fredrik, this is going to be fun!

Beauty and the Beast!

I got the much anticipated Diamond Edition of Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray for Christmas and today i saw it. The picture was superb, the sound brilliant and the extra material awesome. Its fun to see a Disney movie so many years later in a “new improved version” and they really did a good job with this transfer. The only problem is that this one is Disney classic 30 and now i much collect all of the rest. Collecting is an expensive hobby 😛

The song in this movie is really awesome, and the special edition version also featured a new nine minute song that got cut out from the original release. But most interesting was the documentary about creating the film – you really learn a lot from this kind of stuff.

Well, in other news the holiday season is over and i´m going to bed now – early start tomorrow and also my first full week for a while. So – i´m off. See you tomorrow.

Golden Globe!

Sunday, January 16th we will get the first hints on who might win the Oscars. Golden Globe is the first step there – and the winners of a Golden Globe is often a favorite for the Oscars, too.

IMDB has en excellent list HERE of all the nominees. And i will concentrate on giving my opinion on some of the nominees.

For Best picture we have Black Swan, The Fighter, The King´s Speech, Inception and The Social Network.  I have only seen two of them; Inception and The Social Network. I liked them booth so either one can win in my opinion but i guess either The Social Network or The King´s Speech will win. In the Best Actor-categories we see Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Colin Firth (The King´s Speech) James Franco (128 hours), Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine) and Mark Wahlberg for The Fighter. I thought Jesse was good in The Social Newtork – maybe not “Winner”-good but solid.  I am looking forward to see James performance in 128 hours and guess he will win. For Best Director we see the people behind the movies that are nominated for Best Picture (Check the link above if you want to see the names) but i am hoping for Christopher Nolan just because i like him!

For Best Animated Film i really hope for How to train your dragon – great, great movie! But i hink Toy Story 3 will win this. Denmark is nomineted for Best Foreign Languege Film with “Hævnen” (Literally translated “The Revenge” but the movie is called “In a Better World”) but i have not seen this yet. I will as soon as i can.

For Best Television Drama we have some interesting ones – Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, The Good Wife, Mad Man and The Walking Dead. For Best Television Musical or Comedy we have The Big Bang Theory, The Big C, Glee, Modern Family, Nurse Jackie and 30 Rock. Once again, check IMDB for a full list (Link in the beginning of the post) – extra fun is of course Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory who is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. Go Sheldon! Im also hoping for Eric Stonestreet in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television-category.

Pictures from the past.

Yesterday i was reading trough 29 pages of my blog at – and somewhat around 500 entries.

I found a lot of memories, and i found some old photos. So i am going to show them to you.

I got his Lego X-wing From an old girlfriend of mine as a christmas gift. And i got a great (and nerdy) idea for a photo. So i started Star Wars in the background on the TV and took some photos. It turned out pretty cool.

I Love this photo. Its me and the crew on Roskilde 2008. Björn is dressed as Gandalf!

This is from Magasin 15. A media/music house where i spent most of my days when i lived in Trollhättan. Here we are shooting a music video for the band Suburbia.

This is one of my last work i did behind a camera before moving to Norway. Im shooting a music video for my friend August.

I dont know how many days i have spent in this room – one of two editing room at Magasin 15.

After a break up i needed i new place. An old friend of mine was kind enough to let me rent her old place. I lived here for about six months
before moving to Norway.

I miss my old DVD-collection. But i needed the money to start up my new life in Oslo, and the good thing is that i have the begining
of a new one now!

Except working a few days with Fredrik, a friend who has a casting company, this was the last days i spend
working with my movie. My friend Nils was shooting a Horror/Drama-movie out in the woods and we had a lot
of fun during the five days of shooting.

Sleep… (upcoming: a day of photography and pre-christmas).

I have been longing for a walk with my camera for some time now. My foot is still hurting, but i am going to ignore that tomorrow and i will take a walk and try to get some winter photos. Later on the evening some friends is coming over for some pre Christmas fun. So check back tomorrow for some, hopefully, great pictures!

My bedroom window is cozy!