Summer 2011.

It feels kinda weird making planes for Summer 2011 because of one simple fact; I am leaving for The Philippines in about 50 hours. So making traveling planes for a trip before i even head out for my first trip this year feels… strange. But i could not sleep yesterday and spend my time checking and planing an dreaming.

I decided last summer that i wanted to go to USA this year, so thats where i am going – but i didn’t know exactly where. The first plan where California for about 2 – 3 weeks, but then i started looking more and more into going to New York. And the final decision come to me last night – why not both of them? So i started looking into the possibilities and realized that it can work out very well. The plan is; Fly to New York around the 10th of June, be there for a week then head for L.A – stay there for five days and try to include Las Vegas and San Francisco, then back to N.Y and leave for home somewhere around the 25th.  I would really love to spend my birthday in Las Vegas.

Maybe i need three weeks for this? But if i take three weeks i don´t have anything left for the winter and i would love to have a week of there – visiting Chine or Japan.

Other then this the traveling year of 2011 includes Dubai, London (Two times) and maybe one more weekend trip. Its going to be amazing. Right now i start with the first trip on Friday then longing for summer and USA can begin!



Picspam of christmas gifts…

It was a great Christmas. The first one spent in Norway, i moved here January 2009 but last year i went home to Sweden to celebrate with my family. Well, my family also moved here for full time this summer so i have my mom, dad and brother here. My two sisters spent the holidays with their boyfriends family but will be here in about a week for an “after”-christmas celebration (Yey! More gifts!)

I think i never will get tired of giving and receiving gift, even now when i am 30. My dad got (from me) a box with the TV-series “The White House” and also an USB cup warmer, my brother got Black Ops for 360 and my mom got a gift card at H&M, a bottle of Baileys and a lamp from Ikea. I cant write what my sisters will get yet, if they read this…

And me. I got everything i wanted and more. Some things i guessed even before i open them up and some really big surprises. Here is a picspam of my gifts and some comments.

Christmas gifts!

From my oldest little sister and her boyfriend i got some Nintendo-candy. I now have a total of 5 ?-block and 3 stars on my nerdshelf!

A book from my favorite writer. The english original title is "The Good Guy".

This was a big surprise! Chordless headphones wich i have wanted for some time!

A traveling kit with some schampoo/shower gel etc. Great for my trip now this February.

I wished for a lot of Bluray this christmas, and i got the ones i wanted the most! Life, Beauty and the Beast and Back to The Future-Trilogy!

My mom asked me to guess before i open this one. I guessed for a gift card, but it was some money for my trip to The Philipines!

Some socks! I have a thing for colorful and funny ones and also got my second pair of Star Wars-socks. (I bought a pair earlier this year in Barcelona.)

Im very happy and thankful for the things that i got, and also looking forward to see what my other little sister and her boyfriend has for me :)!

My Workstation/Home Studio!

So, if you seen pictures of this before you may think this is not so different. But i actually got a desk that is 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) wider then to “old” one and it feels much better with that extra space. Right now i have my fathers 22″ screen because my brother is borrowing my 24″ to play Xbox 360 on, but when the new TV arrivs on friday im getting it back. I´ve also decided to buy a extra monitor so i can record music and do studio work on one and have the other one for Facebook/Internet/Mail etc. Right now i am using, as you can see, my mini laptop.

I am also gonna spend some money on great new speakers and i really need another external hard drive, but due to my trip to The Philippines in February i think i am gonna go with “just” a new screen for now. But i really like my workspace right now, think it looks great with my nerd corner and everything!

I am going to need a bigger shelf.

So, my nerdy collection is growing slowly. (As soon as my bad foot is better i am going to spend way to much time and money in the nerd store Outland here in Oslo – Also going to London again in December will make my collection grow!) I also miss some stuff that got lost in my move to Norway from Sweden. (Still think there are some stuff in boxes at my sisters place…) But the biggest problem is – i soon need a better solution for all this. Both in terms of shelfs and lighting. You can´t even see everything and the Nintendo/Video Game stuff need some lighting to (Lucky me i work in a place where we have that kind of stuff…)

Here´s whats in the shelfes now (from the top); Two energy drinks (With Pac Man and Mega Man on it) Two Star Wars Magazines (In the wrong shelf, i know…) Two Keyrings (A Gomba and ? – block) A plastic Toad, A big plastic Yoshi, Nintendo Candy; ? – block, A mushroom and a Star. In the shelf below we see Woody and Buzz as some kind of candy dispenser (Located all the way back so you cant really see them) Spiderman, Gollum, Two Gizmoz and a Batman. The Star Wars-shelf contains R2-D2 Alarm Clock, Darth Vader, Yoda and Chewie as plush animals, Boba Fett, Clone trooper, C-3PO and a small R2D2. I think the Star Wars-shelf and the “all around” collection is whats gonna get some new ones next.

I wantz!!!

When in London a week ago (Damn, i miss that city so much – luckily theres only 2 months left until i hopefully go again! LINDA!!! Give me dates now!!!) i saw at Forbidden Planet this USB-hub formed as Darth Vader – it was among the first thing i put in my shopping cart but by some reason i did not buy it. Connecting two external hard drives to my computer today made me realize that i really “need” a USB-hub (I already have one – but its only two slots in it) so when i go to London next time i´m gonna buy either Darth or this R2D2 i found on the site. Probably Artoo…


Vote for my new song!

The site has a big competition where the winner wins music gears worth 100.000 kronor (A little bit over 10.000 Euros…) and today i finished my new song; Någon som är lik mig (“Some thats just like me”) and i think YOUshould give my song a vote! I would appriciate it very much!

Just follow THIS LINK and vote. You have to be registred on the site in order to do so but it only takes a few minutes to register!


Cool stuff.

I often found myself hanging on different geek-site that sells T-shirt and gadgets. Yesterday i took a better look at BYTELOVE and they sold some really cool stuff, so i made myself a “Wanted”-list and gonna start order this by the next paycheck. (Cause this one goes to shopping in London, only 3 days left…!)

Thus guy is called “Tengu” and he changes the lights on his face depinding on sound/music thats going on around him. Really cool! Do Want!

Stickers, to put on your wall.

Ice cubes formed as Tetris. Cool!

Hang up your clothes – Ninja style!

I´m gonna give you some pics when the stuff arrives!

I really, really want…

I really, really want this! Its pretty “cheap” (Around 200 Euro with a memory card) and my idea is to start making some video reviews and other fun stuff for this blog. This month i need most of my paycheck for my trip to Scotland (I´m leaving in 29 days… YEY!) but depending on how much money i spend there i can maybe buy when i get home. Or in the begining of next month…. It will be mine. Soon!

Dreaming of a Home Theater

A swedish forum called Min Hemmabio (My Home Theater) is a place where people can show off how they build their own fantastic places to enjoy a movie. Some people just go for the “living room”-look with good sound and picture, but some take it a step further and dedicate a room so they never need to pay for a cinema ticket again. Its been my dream for several years to build my own Home Theater and i am soon going to start to realize that dream. I do not have the space to build something quite impressive like this people, but i am slowly gonna turn my living room into a sweet place to watch movies. Here are some inspiration;