Home, cold home.

I have been home for about a week now. It was hard coming back to work, hard coming back to the snow. On the upside it was great meeting my family again, and nothing can compare to sleep in you´re own bed. (Either the mattresses is to hard or to soft on the hotel). Im currently uploading all good photos to my Facebook page but will soon start to pick out the very best to publish here.

Other then that im kinda sick. My throat hurts and im just spending this weekend off by watching Blu-rays and sleeping.

You know, you always need a vacation after you´re vacation ;).


Im Home.

Back in cold, cold Norway after 2 fantastic weeks on The Philippines. I am going trough all my photos now and will start publish them tomorrow! Now im starting the countdown to my NY/LA-trip this summer; 149 days left.

Summer 2011.

It feels kinda weird making planes for Summer 2011 because of one simple fact; I am leaving for The Philippines in about 50 hours. So making traveling planes for a trip before i even head out for my first trip this year feels… strange. But i could not sleep yesterday and spend my time checking and planing an dreaming.

I decided last summer that i wanted to go to USA this year, so thats where i am going – but i didn’t know exactly where. The first plan where California for about 2 – 3 weeks, but then i started looking more and more into going to New York. And the final decision come to me last night – why not both of them? So i started looking into the possibilities and realized that it can work out very well. The plan is; Fly to New York around the 10th of June, be there for a week then head for L.A – stay there for five days and try to include Las Vegas and San Francisco, then back to N.Y and leave for home somewhere around the 25th.  I would really love to spend my birthday in Las Vegas.

Maybe i need three weeks for this? But if i take three weeks i don´t have anything left for the winter and i would love to have a week of there – visiting Chine or Japan.

Other then this the traveling year of 2011 includes Dubai, London (Two times) and maybe one more weekend trip. Its going to be amazing. Right now i start with the first trip on Friday then longing for summer and USA can begin!


New Directions!

So, long time no see. For a time there i was so busy posting news about movies, music, video games and other nerdy things that i forgot something important – me. My point is that if you want to find news about things there are different sites around the web that gives you that information. But there is only one me. So, i will try to talk a little more about – ME.

So, whats up? Well, om leaving cold Norway in four days for a trip to The Philippines. Its going to be amazing. Other than that i work, watch movies and write reviews for http://www.dvdforum.nu – so check out that site often! I watched the Blu-ray version of The Karate Kid and The Last Airbender yesterday and going to watch two movies today.

Had a great weekend which ended to fast – my best friend Magnus was here and we had a lot of fun. Looking forward to see him again this summer for a short vacation together!

So, i celebrate my new comeback for this blog with a new design and will post more frequently about MY life. See you again – soon.


Not so much to write about theese days. I recently became a writer for the gamesite http://www.loading.se and will publish news and posts there, but i will try to give you guys more movie and video game news during the days. Its also only 18 days until i left for the Philipines and i will blog from there!

Here are som pictures from the party last weekend! Good Times!

Movies, movies, movies.

I watch them, i love them and i write about them. I also get them for free.

Today was a bad day, i have a really bad cold and spend most of the time in my sofa watching movies and playing video games. I love to re-watch “older” movies on Blu-ray and Rush Hour was nice to see again in high definition! I also saw the movie Shelter which is a Hollywood movie made by two swedish directors. But it was not that good. Also watched the first episode of the TV-show Moonlight and i think i will enjoy the rest.

If you wanna read my reviews – head to dvdforum.nu and look out for my reviews!

Fantasy (again)

I read a lot of Fantasy a few years ago, but then i suddenly stopped. I dont really know why but sometimes you just forget what you love and move on. A few weeks ago a guy contacted me trough email, he had read some of my stuff on the internet (Except for this blog i write reviews and articles for site such as GAMEcore.se and dvdforum.nu – i also have a gaming blog at loading.se and i can be seen on some other sites too) and wanted me to have a copy of his first book. So i waited, and today it finally arrived. Im very excited about this and will give you full cover here in my blog!

Thanks Fredrik, this is going to be fun!

A year in pictures. Part THREE.

Went to my 12th (!) Roskilde festival, and it was amazing. (As usual.) And worth some more shots (Below)

Home in Oslo i worked as anvcolunteer at Oslo Live, a festival held in the city.

Summer days were upon us. This is me and some friends having an early "shrimp breakfast" down by the sea at Aker Brygge.

Celebrating my friend Dennis birthday with food and beer.

Hanging in Frogner Park playing with remote control boats with Alex.

Great party with lots of friends at Peter and Madeleine place.

Going to Barcelona with Ann who i had not meet in 6 years!

To be continued…