About Anorakalert

Conny is a 30-year old boy living in Oslo. During daytime, he works at IKEA, but he becomes a geek during the nights (and during spare time) watching TV-shows, movies and Anime. Beside that he loves music and video games. He also has an obsession for Star Wars, and collects stuff that is somewhat nerdy. With daily updates Conny writes about all the things he loves. Mostly its short and easy-to-read entertainment news, rumors and fun trivia. But you can also read reviews and articles now and then. He also loves to travel and to take photos, and writes about this to.

Anorak is kind of a blog for geeks, by a geek.

If you want to contact me, please do so by writing something below or mail me; anorakalert@gmail.com

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2 responses to “About Anorakalert

  1. Stefan Lindqvist ⋅

    Hej! En länk till din sida fanns med i en tråd på loading.se som handlade om läsarnas drömmar….sjukt bra tråd (och intressant sida 🙂

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