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A year in pictures. Part One.

New Years Eve 2009 that turns into 2010. Fire Works in Frognerparken Oslo.

A group of friends is looking for a place to take a coffe the day after New Years Eve.

Avatar on cinema in 3D.

Party at Thereses place.

Me and my friends are having a coffe at the time when i decided to make a "coffe-guide" over Oslos best places.

I got sick and spent my 5 sickdays by watching 20 movies and playing Dead Space.

Cowboy party ay David & Pontus place!

Party at Emma and Saras place where me and the guy in the picture spent half an hour analysing and testing this bottle of Vodka.

I decided to start a nerd collection. This was the start...

Our department at Ikea had a great winter party at Holmen Hotel outside Oslo.

One of the greatest evening of party in 2010. We went out for some bears and drinks and got totally wasted.

My little sister and her boyfriend got a son they named Lukas.

Shrimp party at Emmas place, followed by a good night at a bar.

Finally i got the meet Lukas during my week of vacition early in March.

Travelling around Sweden to meet my old friends. Heres me and Christof in Trollhättan - the city where i grow up.

The trip then went to Norrköping, where i party with a lot of old friends including one of my very best - Jocke!

We took a spontaneous trip to Stockholm!

In Stockholm we meet Pelle and Bullen, played card games and got drunk.

Back in Oslo i watched Kent performed at Oslo Spektrum. But it was not that good...

We had an great Ikeaparty once more!


To be continued…



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One response to “A year in pictures. Part One.

  1. jocke ⋅

    det har varit ett bra hoppas detta år har lika mycket att komma med!

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