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Picspam of christmas gifts…

It was a great Christmas. The first one spent in Norway, i moved here January 2009 but last year i went home to Sweden to celebrate with my family. Well, my family also moved here for full time this summer so i have my mom, dad and brother here. My two sisters spent the holidays with their boyfriends family but will be here in about a week for an “after”-christmas celebration (Yey! More gifts!)

I think i never will get tired of giving and receiving gift, even now when i am 30. My dad got (from me) a box with the TV-series “The White House” and also an USB cup warmer, my brother got Black Ops for 360 and my mom got a gift card at H&M, a bottle of Baileys and a lamp from Ikea. I cant write what my sisters will get yet, if they read this…

And me. I got everything i wanted and more. Some things i guessed even before i open them up and some really big surprises. Here is a picspam of my gifts and some comments.

Christmas gifts!

From my oldest little sister and her boyfriend i got some Nintendo-candy. I now have a total of 5 ?-block and 3 stars on my nerdshelf!

A book from my favorite writer. The english original title is "The Good Guy".

This was a big surprise! Chordless headphones wich i have wanted for some time!

A traveling kit with some schampoo/shower gel etc. Great for my trip now this February.

I wished for a lot of Bluray this christmas, and i got the ones i wanted the most! Life, Beauty and the Beast and Back to The Future-Trilogy!

My mom asked me to guess before i open this one. I guessed for a gift card, but it was some money for my trip to The Philipines!

Some socks! I have a thing for colorful and funny ones and also got my second pair of Star Wars-socks. (I bought a pair earlier this year in Barcelona.)

Im very happy and thankful for the things that i got, and also looking forward to see what my other little sister and her boyfriend has for me :)!


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