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Beauty and the Beast!

I got the much anticipated Diamond Edition of Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray for Christmas and today i saw it. The picture was superb, the sound brilliant and the extra material awesome. Its fun to see a Disney movie so many years later in a “new improved version” and they really did a good job with this transfer. The only problem is that this one is Disney classic 30 and now i much collect all of the rest. Collecting is an expensive hobby 😛

The song in this movie is really awesome, and the special edition version also featured a new nine minute song that got cut out from the original release. But most interesting was the documentary about creating the film – you really learn a lot from this kind of stuff.

Well, in other news the holiday season is over and i´m going to bed now – early start tomorrow and also my first full week for a while. So – i´m off. See you tomorrow.


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