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Pictures from the past.

Yesterday i was reading trough 29 pages of my blog at – and somewhat around 500 entries.

I found a lot of memories, and i found some old photos. So i am going to show them to you.

I got his Lego X-wing From an old girlfriend of mine as a christmas gift. And i got a great (and nerdy) idea for a photo. So i started Star Wars in the background on the TV and took some photos. It turned out pretty cool.

I Love this photo. Its me and the crew on Roskilde 2008. Björn is dressed as Gandalf!

This is from Magasin 15. A media/music house where i spent most of my days when i lived in Trollhättan. Here we are shooting a music video for the band Suburbia.

This is one of my last work i did behind a camera before moving to Norway. Im shooting a music video for my friend August.

I dont know how many days i have spent in this room – one of two editing room at Magasin 15.

After a break up i needed i new place. An old friend of mine was kind enough to let me rent her old place. I lived here for about six months
before moving to Norway.

I miss my old DVD-collection. But i needed the money to start up my new life in Oslo, and the good thing is that i have the begining
of a new one now!

Except working a few days with Fredrik, a friend who has a casting company, this was the last days i spend
working with my movie. My friend Nils was shooting a Horror/Drama-movie out in the woods and we had a lot
of fun during the five days of shooting.


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