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A night with Lord of the Rings

23.59 was the time that the first of the three Lord of The Rings-movies started at Colosseum in Oslo. I think its really cool that we have the world largest THX-certified cinema (and also the biggest cinema at all in Northern Europe) here in my city and even if it was strange to see the almost ten years old copies of the film, instead of todays crystal clear digital releases, it was a great experience. People screamed of joy and applause every single key moment in the movies  (Aragon and Legolas always had the highest cheers!) and what stroke me the most is how well made this movies (still) are. I have seen them way to many times to remember but its always a cool feeling to watch the entire trilogy from start to end. People brought their sleeping bags, free Red Bull was handed out, people fell asleep and it was a great atmosphere in the full 978 seated cinema. When i went to the toilet people where lying around in the entrance area on their madrases and it felt like a great and geeky night/morning!

From top left; Hans, Jonas and Solveig are staging a session of pure tiredness during the first pause. You see people resting in front of the screen (not during the movies but in the pauses, but some people actually had madrases that they lay on the floor instead of sitting in their chairs. Then you see some of the crowd during the second pauses, and then the morning sun on the subway on my way home.


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One response to “A night with Lord of the Rings

  1. Chris

    I’m jealous. I wish they would do something like that in one the theaters near me. A LOTR marathon would be fun. Of course so would Star Wars.

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