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The weekend is coming to an end. I have been home for over three weeks because of my bad foot, but tomorrow i am going back to work. You always feel a little “guilty” when you´re home – so i saw this weekend as my first free time off. And what a weekend its been – first of all a new TV entered my house, and also a Playstation 3. Now i can watch my Blu-ray movies (People will probably think i am crazy that collected Blu-ray even before i got myself a PS3, but think of it this way; I got movies to watch now!)

I wanted to do a little HDR-photography this weekend but will save it for the upcoming week. That, and Fallout: New Vegas – of course.

Watched to good movies this weekend; First off was Scott Pilgrim VS. The World. Nerdy and fun, but not as good as i had hope. Today i watched Inception. Great one!

I am soon off to bed – i am starting 08.00 tomorow so i need my rest ;)! But i will end this weekend with some Professor Layton on the Nintendo DS.

Not great, but geeky. And the Univeral Theme-logo/song was awesome in all its midi glory!


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