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Short game reviews. (PART 1)

On the site i found a lot of old game reviews i have written over the years. They are in swedish but if you understand that languege you can head over HERE to read them in their full version. For my english readers i have translated a few keynotes from the reviews and giving the game a grade on my 1 – 7 scale. I present them in alphabetical order, starting with Part 1.

ALAN WAKE. For: Xbox 360. Release: 2010-05-14
We waited a long time for Mr. Wakes adventures in Bright Falls. And what we get is an exciting horror-adventure with some interesting turns. The atmosphere is without a doubt this games strongest part, where the action sequences tends to be to repetitive. Overall – this is a thrilling experience that you will enjoy (play it durings the nights…) but its a little to short and the feeling of the game is better then the actual gameplay.
Grade: FIVE (Out of seven)
Whats GOOD
: Bright Falls is a beautiful town and some night sequences in the forest is truly amazing. Whats BAD: You defeat the same kind of enemy hundred of times.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASSYLUM. For: Xbox 360 (Also for Playstation 3 and PC). Release: 2009-08-27
Batman is the coolest of superheroes. And Arkham Assylum is probably the best game portraying a superhero – ever. The hunt for The Joker inside the wall of the prison is both exciting and fun, and the blend of action and adventure is a perfect mix. Mark Hamil (Who you remember played a Skywalker a long time ago) is doing the voice for The Joker and he does an excellent job. The atmosphere is fantastic and the story is great all the way to the end. A must buy!

Grade: SIX (Out of seven)
Whats GOOD
: The Voice acting and fun all the way Whats BAD: Could have been a little longer


BIOSHOCK. For: Xbox 360 (Also for Playstation 3 and PC). Release: 2007-08-24
As an action game, Bioshock is not perfect. But it is the atmosphere of Rapture – the city below the surface – that stands out the most. Its chilling and exciting all the way, fast paced but also succeds to be an explorering adventure games at some times, blended together by the great atmosphere. You love it for so many reason and the adventure – with one of the greatest video game twists ever will take over your life all the way to the end.

Grade: SIX (Out of seven)
Whats GOOD
: Rapture is one of the greatest game places ever.   Whats BAD: Its more action than adventure


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