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My Workstation/Home Studio!

So, if you seen pictures of this before you may think this is not so different. But i actually got a desk that is 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) wider then to “old” one and it feels much better with that extra space. Right now i have my fathers 22″ screen because my brother is borrowing my 24″ to play Xbox 360 on, but when the new TV arrivs on friday im getting it back. I´ve also decided to buy a extra monitor so i can record music and do studio work on one and have the other one for Facebook/Internet/Mail etc. Right now i am using, as you can see, my mini laptop.

I am also gonna spend some money on great new speakers and i really need another external hard drive, but due to my trip to The Philippines in February i think i am gonna go with “just” a new screen for now. But i really like my workspace right now, think it looks great with my nerd corner and everything!


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