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Mixed fun!

So, its saturday evening and im spending my time with (as you already know) Fallout: New Vegas and Proffesor Layton. I also watched some Modern Family and Big Bang Theory today – two of my favorite shows! So, surfing around the web trying to find the geekiest things for you guys (and girls) and this is what i got for you today.

Soon Halloween. Why dont go as the Firefox logo? 🙂

STEVEN SPIELBERG confirms that his next film as a director is Robopocalyps wich is a movie adapted from the novel by Daniel H. Wilson. Spielberg is in the middle of shooting a movie called War Horse and we´re still waiting for Tintin: The secret of unicorn which will be in a long post production process (The release date is 28 December, 2011…)

I leave you with a trailer for the upcoming DLC for Red Dead Redemption. This looks pretty cool and i think i will pick up my copy of the game again and play this!



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