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An old interview and first impressions of Enslaved.

Right now i´m playing Enslaved to the Xbox 360 and it hit me that a long time ago (three years i think) i actually did an interview with Tameem Antoniades who is a founder of Ninja Theory and also one of the creator of the PS3-title Heavenly Sword and now Enslaved. Pretty cool. We actually did this interview at the Nordic Games-expo in Malmö.

The interview is in English (but the first seconds – the introduction – is in swedish) and me (and also Alex of and Tameem talks a lot about the creation of Heavenly Sword – but also about Hollywood (Because Andy Serkins – who played for example Gollum in the Lord of The Rings-movies is involved in Ninja Theorys games).

This is Monkey, who Andy Serkins did the voice acting for!

So, over to Enslaved. I like it very much so far. The graphic is fantastic and the world you play in (an apocalypse New York) is a cool playground. The game is very well scripted and i like that – and of course Andy Serkins does a great voice acting as the lead role of Monkey (He also CO-directs the games cinematic sequences). I will come up with more impressions later, maybe a review!

You can listen to the interview with Tameem Antoniades HERE.


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