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My very first HDR-images

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a method where you take two photos that has different exposures and merge them together.  In this way – you can keep both the high and low keys of the photo, making them look much better (or different is maybe a better word). There are lots of great HDR-images out there, and tonight i gave some of my old photos a try. Bare in mind that these photos where not taken using different exposures so i have to make a dark and a light copy of them so the results are not near as good as an HDR-image can be (Just search for “great HRD-images” on google and you will see some amazing stuff). But until my foot is better and i can go out for a photo session this will have to do.


Lovely Barcelona!

A tree – added to much effect on this one, but you need to learn first.


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