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I am going to need a bigger shelf.

So, my nerdy collection is growing slowly. (As soon as my bad foot is better i am going to spend way to much time and money in the nerd store Outland here in Oslo – Also going to London again in December will make my collection grow!) I also miss some stuff that got lost in my move to Norway from Sweden. (Still think there are some stuff in boxes at my sisters place…) But the biggest problem is – i soon need a better solution for all this. Both in terms of shelfs and lighting. You can´t even see everything and the Nintendo/Video Game stuff need some lighting to (Lucky me i work in a place where we have that kind of stuff…)

Here´s whats in the shelfes now (from the top); Two energy drinks (With Pac Man and Mega Man on it) Two Star Wars Magazines (In the wrong shelf, i know…) Two Keyrings (A Gomba and ? – block) A plastic Toad, A big plastic Yoshi, Nintendo Candy; ? – block, A mushroom and a Star. In the shelf below we see Woody and Buzz as some kind of candy dispenser (Located all the way back so you cant really see them) Spiderman, Gollum, Two Gizmoz and a Batman. The Star Wars-shelf contains R2-D2 Alarm Clock, Darth Vader, Yoda and Chewie as plush animals, Boba Fett, Clone trooper, C-3PO and a small R2D2. I think the Star Wars-shelf and the “all around” collection is whats gonna get some new ones next.


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2 responses to “I am going to need a bigger shelf.

  1. Linda

    I love it. 😀 Vad ska man annars spendera pengar på, om inte läckra samlarprylar? OM NOM NOM.

    • Anorak

      Så är det, det blir enklare att köpa MER samlarprylar när man sparar pengar på att man har snälla vänner som låter en sova hos dem i London med ;)!

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