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A picture is worth a thousand words.

On a day like this – when its a friends birthday (Hurray for you Lisa!) and i am invited out for dinner and party but needs to stay home because of my bad foot, you need something good to think of. And thanks to Ann – who posted her Barcelona-photos from our trip back in August i came to think of traveling. This year – i have visited to places; Barcelona and London. (and of course Denmark and Roskilde Festival…) and i am going back to London in about a month and a half. My goal was to visit 2 more places, but when i got my semester paycheck i bought myself a home studio (Guitar, External soundcard, headphones, cables, microphone, microphone stand, speakers, pop killer filter and the most expensive of it all; A brand new computer) and just a few weeks ago i booked a trip to the Philippines (2 weeks in february – YEY!)

Going back to London counts as a trip – of course – but not as a “new” place. Next years trip to Asia will be an awesome one, and if i can manage to get the dates i want off next summer i am also going to USA. My best friend Magnus is going to Texas in the middle of August and the plan is to meet up with him there, i also really wanna go to the comic con in San Diego. But the dates for that is 21 – 24 of July. And i don´t think IKEA wants to give me five weeks off – but i will try to squeeze it all in.  I really, really wanna go there. (Even tough going to Texas and Florida for two weeks would be just enough and saving Comic Con for 2012 but i have something else and really BIG planed for that year…)

For now – just thinking of going back to London real soon and then just have to wait two months for the lovely beach of Borocay is making me all happy.

Me, in Barcelona, August 2010. Photo by Ann Nyström.



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2 responses to “A picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. That picture reminds me of Spalding Gray’s film ‘Swimming to Cambodia’.

    Did you know Stan Lee is on Twitter? He tweets all the time about what he’s doing and Comic Con news. But you probably already know that.

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