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Anime and Final Fantasy VII!

Yesterday i went back to my job after being home for over a week. Coming home from London two weeks ago my foot felt totally messed up but yesterday it felt better, but waking up this morning it felt bad again. I´m going to do an X-ray on it some place down in Oslo City but still waiting for the letter that tells me when. So, home from job again – that sucks.

The only “good” thing about it is that i can be a total geek. I have so much time to spend on doing nothing, and because i can´t walk i´m stuck inside my house.

So i spend all my time making music, watching TV-shows and to write. My new article about Final Fantasy VII is up on – so check it out! I´ve also started watching Supernatural (Halfway through the first season and the good thing about getting into a Tv-show this late is that i have a huge pile of episodes to watch!) and today i started to watch an Anime-show called “Genshiken”. I have seen four episodes this far and really really like it! Its nerdy – and about video games, anime and a nerdy club. Fits me!

Today i´m also gonna look over me and my little sisters traveling plans to London. Going back there two months after my first visits feels good – and i am gonna visit the places that me and Marcus not had time to see last time.


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