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Nerd stuff from London!

Forbidden Planet is geek heaven, and most of my shopping money was suppose to be spend at that place. Due to limited space in my briefcase i ended up with less stuff that i wanted, but im already planing a second London-trip and then i can buy the stuff that i didn’t have room for now. Of course i went from the store with a few nerdy stuff, and my collection is starting to look really nice.

I didn’t realize that i already had a Gizmo until i left Forbidden Planet. But i think its really nerdy to have more then one item of the same sort in you´re collection!

Toad! They had a Donkey Kong in the same series that looked cool so thats gonna follow me home next time!

Nintendo Candy!

Two nice key rings and im gonna put “The Goonies”-patch on my bag!

And a bottle of “True Blood”, of course…!


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5 responses to “Nerd stuff from London!

  1. Linda

    and what did you bring home to med and Lukas, we want “the goonies” thank you very much

  2. nicholas ⋅

    what the fuck

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