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I <3 London, Part One.

Close to 23.00 yesterday i touched ground and Gardemoen Airport. The following posts will be about my five days in London – a city i fell in love with. The contrast from walking out to a rainy and cloudy city – apart from when i was in Barcelona two months ago in 30+ degrees was a little disappointing at first. But London is one of the greatest cities i have ever been to. I am a little bit to tired to write about it right now, but will show some pictures from the trip to London – and more pictures and stories will follow soon.

My subway station back in Oslo. Leaving for the airport, full of expectations!

Boeing 737 ready for boarding!

I boarded the planes rear so i got an opportunity to take a photo before it was time for departure.

I´m here! In Gatewick London. The airport was pretty still – apart from Heathrow but i talk more about that later.

I flew with Norwegian to London and landed on Gatewick. Home i flew with British Airways from Heathrow.

Gatewick – London.

Heading for the city with Gatewick Express!

On the train to London. More stories and pictures will follow tomorow!

(You can click on the pictures to view them in full size…)


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