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Im off (soon) mates!

I have actually been to England once before. When i was out in Europe with my dear friends (and almost like my second family) in the Family Hammar we took a hovercraft from France over to England. We where there for like six hours, on a Sunday and everything was closed. This was like back in 1996 i think. I remember a castle we never visited and a beach. And of course the trip over (For some strange reason there is a strong memory of us getting orange juice onboard.)

But this will be my first real trip. And i have longed for London for many years. So, tomorrow around twelve o´clock my plane leaves for England – London. There i will meet Marcus outside Victoria Station and later on the evening we will meet up our friend Peter who lives there.  Im looking a little extra forward to meet Peter based on the numbers of years its been since i last saw him and when we worked together on different movie projects we had a lot of fun.

The plan is to goo to London Zoo, Sealife, ride in the London Eye, visit the Science Museum and visit so many pub we can do in 5 days. Altogether i think this will be a really great trip! Maybe i update from Gardemoen Airport tomorrow before the plane leave, otherwise i try to sneak in a post during my trip. And when i get back their will be a lot of stories and many pictures!

Like 14 years ago i took a ride in a boat like this. For real!


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