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New better mix!

When you make a song you´re never ever done. But at some point you just have to let it go and leave it alone – and when you´re not “that” good on mixing and EQ and all that shit it often leaves you with a feeling that you could have done it even better.

Well, today i learned a lot about N-tracks mixing opportunities and tried to improve the song i finished yesterday. I wanted it to sound a little less “effect” – and instead of mixing all of the midi-tracks (drums, piano, strings and bas) altogether i managed to separate them by mixing them to wave-files, then i imported them into a new file and was able to mix them track by track.

I´m not 100% satisfied and the song still has some effect that make it sounds a bit strange – but in my ears it sounds a lot better then before. And when i start mix my next song i will have a lot more knowledge about it all!

LISTEN to the new mix here!


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