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The Event.

When you´re not living in America you often have to wait a long time for new TV-shows to air. If you, like me, have a different view of downloading then most people this means you can wait forever on the Blu-ray box or before the channels in your country before they start sending a new show.

With The Event, the swedish (And thank good Norwegian TV broadcast this channel here!) SVT is just six days after the broadcasting of American channels. They realize downloading is a huge problem and want to keep up with that.  Göran Danasten on SVT says in an interview; “We must act like that. We cant take the viewers loyalty for granted”.

And me like. In a world where some people don´t relize the fact that some need to pay for others to download it for free, SVT is acting in a very good way. I hope more will follow.

What about the pilot episode then? Well, i will give it a few more episodes before coming up with my thoughts on it.


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