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New Song.

When i started to wrote this song, it sounded a lot different then the final result. The “problem” is that i am not so good with mixning and EQ and stuff yet, so the result is a bit “over mixed”. The acoustic guitar that sounded great on my second recording is almost gone now, and i dont really know how to record the singing part good. (Beside from singing better :P)

But… the good side of it is that i learn a lot. I have a lot more knowledge about what you can do with EQ now, and i found out some great ways to make the song to sound better. The thing i´m most proud of this time is that i actually recorded a bas-track, and that i realize more and more that you can do some cool stuff with the drum part (Even if its still Midi).

And after all, its just a demo. The plan is to take it into a really a real studio, and to have a real setup with instrument and record it again. And as sort of a base for me, i think it turned out pretty good.

The song is called “Lyckas” (“Succeed” directly translated) and has a strange intro, but turns into a catchy pop-song.

LISTEN – hope you enjoy it!


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4 responses to “New Song.

  1. Magnus ⋅

    Best mix so far! BUT “and i found out some great ways to make the song to sound better.” It’s not working. The flanger or what it is you use just makes it annoying. Take that effect away and I think it will be great!! PUPP

    • Anorak

      “It’s not working.” Well, i learned this “after” the mix was done. So its gonna be a lession for my next song. But i will try to “rescue” the flanger-sound a little.

  2. Magnus ⋅

    Got the new mix. It’s awesome!!

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