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Most of my time when i´m at home i´m writing music. I would say i spend 2 – 3 hours everyday to write lyrics and songs, and some days when im recording i spend about 8 – 9 hours to record a demo. Im teaming up with a friend of mine – Lisa – to start record soon, and we´re going to a demo with around 4 – 5 songs. The only problem is which to choose, i have about 30+ songs that can be great but we probably gonna go with the newly written ones.

Today i talked with another friend of mine, Daniel Eyre – he´s an amazing photographer and i stumbled over this picture that he took and fell in love. So i asked him if i can use it as cover for the demo. And he said “sure”.

This is going to be so awesome, now we just need time to record everything!

Photo by Daniel Eyre.


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