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I miss thoose days….

Found an old short film i directed called “Synvinklar” (“Viewpoints”) and combined with being an extras last Wednesday i suddenly got so thrilled over making a new movie. It was almost five years ago i last directed a film, you see the DVD-edition below. I made it for the  Swedish recruitment office and the title is “Gift Dig Rikt” (“Get Married Rich” – a joke a friend heard from a social service employee on how to get money to survive)

After this movie i did some other work in the movies – some music videos, but mostly i worked with photo/light and some casting. But i miss the day of taking a script and make it a project. Assemble a team and make the movie a reality.

So, im thinking, dreaming… Trying to make it work. It was almost two years ago i moved from all my movie making friends, all the fantastic equipment (cameras, light, sound recording…) i could borrow and the connections i had make from over 10 years of making film. But nothing is impossible and i have a lot of friends here who i think is willing to act. So maybe, i hope, i can start again. From scratch, but with a lot more knowledge this time… We will see what happens next!


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