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TV-shows: Fall

Theres a lot of new shows on TV this Fall. We also see the return of  Bing Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother – this is of course nice, but i am also looking forward to give the new shows a chance. At least for a 3 – 4 episodes before deciding if i want to watch the whole season or not.

Here are some i picked, and my “hypometer” on a scale 1 – 7.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE (Airs 19 September)
From Director/producer Martin Scorsese comes a high-budget series set in the 1920 USA. Starring Steve Buscemi and produced by HBO this looks just amazing. HYPE 6/7

Shit My Dad Says (Airs 23 September)
Henry moves in with his dad when he gets fired. Its a comedy show, but i am not exactly thrilled for this one. HYPE 2/7

No Ordinary Family (Airs 28 September)
This looks like a show for me! A family is in a plane crash and survive, but develop super powers. The trailer gave me some “Try-to-mix-comedy-and-drama-in-a-bad-way” but i really hope this show can pull it off. HYPE 5/7

Undercovers (Airs September 22)
A Mr. & Mrs. Smith for TV. I´m watching it because J.J. Abrams is behind it. HYPE 3/7


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