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Just a regular day.

Home from work, sat down by the computer and watched a few episodes of my new favorite show “Modern Family” (Its awesome so be sure to watch it) and started thinking about what to write today. I realized that i dont very often write about a normal day, and what happens in my life – so i am gonna do that more often.

Well… took a little tour in the city today. Bought “Curious case of Benjamin Button” on Blu-ray. This was my seventh movie on Blu-ray and i realize im far away from a collection and even further away from the “around” 600+ collection i had in 2009 before i moved to Norway. But hey, its a start! And from now on i am going to buy a new movie every week so my collection will grow quickly! When i was in the store i realized that DVD is really cheap now. It would take me no-time to build up a decent collection. But im going for the future of HD. All the way!

In other news i am hopefully being an extras in the movie “Människor i Solen” (People in the sun) on Wednesday. The scene i am in was supposed to be shot on Thursday but based on the weather the shooting was moved one day before. And now i have to four o clock tomorrow to exchange my shift at work. The movie is based on a play written by Jonas Gardell and i really like him so it would be great fun to be a part of it. I know more tomorrow.

Well, im off to bed soon. But first im going to play Dead Rising 2: Case Zero – a prequel to Dead Rising 2. I tell you more about that game tomorrow!


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