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Five People: Place 5

So, welcome to my new blogseries where i will writing about five people i think is really cool. It would be easy for me to list a bunch of famous directors, musicians and actors but instead i will try to lift forward some not-so-famous-people that had made an impact on me. They´re famous, nut maybe not Brad-Pitt-Star-quality.

So, lets start with the first one;

5. James Newton Howard
What he does: Movie Composer

The first one on the list is a composer. Among my other favorites are Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri and of course John Williams. James Newton Howard was born 1951 i LA, Californa. He was on the road with Elton John during the late 70 and early 80 playing the keyboard. He started off in the business in the middle of the 80´s and wrote score for film such as Pretty Woman, Alive and Falling Down. I recognized him first for real when he started to collaborate with filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan and especially his score on the movie Unbreakable. Among other well-known movies hare Peter Jacksons King Kong, Blood Diamond and he also collaborated with Hanz Zimmer for the score on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Howards score is often very ambitious, intense and with a lot of strings attached to the melody. For me, James Newton Howards music had always been something special. It adds a richness to the scenes and i just love who the melody making the scenes so exciting. Here is the ending scene of Unbreakable, enjoy it and especally pay attention to the music 3:14 into the scene. Just amazing.


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