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Lots of stuff from Apple!

Today, Apple hold their September event. The rumours were a new iPod and we got that, plus some more. Here is a breakdown of some of the thing Apple presented;

Stream movies from iTunes, rent a TV-show or stream from your PC and/or MAC. Interested to learn more and to watch the presentation? CLICK HERE!

The new iPod Touch gets some really cool news (And Steve joked about the fact that it is a iPhone without the Phone) The new iPod Touch is thinner, Its got the new Retina-display (thats on iPhone 4.) It also has a camera that can record HD-videos, 3-axis gyroscope for better motion tracking and Ios 4.01 built in. A pretty impressive Mp3/portable gaming devide if i may say so.

Next out is the new iPod Touch Nano. Of course Apple eliminates the “needs” of a click wheel and makes it a…yeah, you guessed it; A touchscreen. I really like this little thing and hope to get my hands of one. (It does have hard buttons for the volume – wich is great!)

Steve Jobs also showed off the new improved iOs 4.01 for iPhone – and iPad gets iOs 4.2 with the cool function of streaming videos from your iPad to your Apple TV.


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