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Anorak Crib (2)

So, i wanted you to see how i live and tell you a little about it. Last year, in January, i moved to Oslo – Norway and i got a work at IKEA. I live in a house a little bit outside Oslo center and i will try to guide you trough my place with some pictures. I start with my bedroom…


My room from the entrence.

I am not a person that is famous for being organized, but now i at least have a dedicated shelf for important papers!

My microphone for my Home studio, pretty good right now but i´m going to buy a a new one when i start learn more about sound and recording. Works well for now, at least.

A wall!

Geek shelf one, dedicated to Star Wars.

On Geek shelf two; Gollum, Batman, Spiderman and Gizmo!

Geek shelf three is for video game related stuff, this shelf is going to have a lot more stuff on it real soon.

Home Studio/Computer corner.

External soundcard and headphones, i have placed an order on some chordless headphones so i can have my skullcandy for my iPhone only. You also see my Midi keyboard.

Some candle next to my bed, cosy. Also my iPhone with broken display. Please Chess (my mobile operator) send my iPhone 4!!!

A framed photo took by “Rockphoto” at Roskilde Festival, during Kents fantastic gig 2005. Also a wall clock from IKEA (Of course…)

Flowers in my window, one is even for real…

The top of my drawer…

Geek corner/gaming station…

Home Studio/Computer – thinking of upgrading to a 27″ Screen (This one is 24″) and use them both simultaneous (One for Home studio and one for Facebook :P)

So, there you go. I will continue the tour another day!


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2 responses to “Anorak Crib (2)

  1. Mister Reiner ⋅

    Very nice! I really like the poster above the bed.

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