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The chocie of not playing World of Warcraft.

Sometimes – the choice is easy.

When World of Warcraft released back in 2005, i told my self not to get into it. I wanted to – but i realized that if i did – it would steal all my time. And i mean – All my time. You probably think; “Why not play it, just for fun and a little?” But for all of you who know me, and/or for all of you that know World of Warcraft – it does not work that way. If i had choose to play WoW, i would be a member of a guild and all my spare time would be spend in Azeroth.

I understand that you can see this in both a good and a bad way – the good is myself understanding that it would be an addiction for me. And the bad – well, the same. To know yourself to the point that you have to choose between a normal life and a life addicted to a online game. And when you already play a shit load of console games, and beside that is a geek for Tv-shows and movies – you understand that you cannot let World of Warcraft get to you. Even if you understand that you would love to play it.

So, me and MMORPG…Not so much.

Then i see this…

…and understand that i am going to be lost in that galaxy far, far away. So if you wanna hang with me – now is the time…Before its to late.


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4 responses to “The chocie of not playing World of Warcraft.

  1. Jocke ⋅

    Har ju provat de flesta MMORPG så det får nog bli detta oxå.

  2. Mister Reiner ⋅

    This post reminds me of the quote, “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

    MMORPGs are awesome, but you’re right, they can suck you down a rabbit hole for hours at a time, which is not so good for some. For others, it can provide a good diversion from the realities of everyday life.

    I’ve met quite a number of people like you who have resisted the burning desire to play WoW. In the big scheme of things, it’s the right choice.

    • Anorak

      Yeah well, the things is that im not in any way “against” MMO´s. Its just – i dont really have the “time”. I play so much videogames, and adding WoW to that time. It just would work ;). But with The Old Republics coming out – im sure i am gonna be stuck anyhow. Thanks for reading and you´re comment =)!

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