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IKEA shows what a kitchen looks like in 2040

On Gizmodo i found this – it it IKEA´s vision of what a kitchen will look like in 2040. Some awesome technology but i am not so sure about the futuristic look.

Anyway – its pretty cool. Named “Skarp” (Wich means Sharp in Swedish) and put together on a survey where almost 2000 would tell IKEA what they think a kitchen will look like in the future.

1.) Food is grown on this shelf without soil.
2.) 3D food printer
3.) Fridge, with an interactive 3D screen.
4.) Multi-touch tap.
5.) Self-cleaning surfaces.
6.) This tool displays nutritional info of ingredients
7.) Remote-controlled cooker
8.) Retractable shelves
9.) Height-adjustable cabinets
10.) Energy monitor
11.) Genetically-engineered food.
12.) Roll-out chopping boards and draws.


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