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Upcoming games.

Can´t sleep.  So what better way to spend the night then to look trough some upcoming releases of games?

I am also gonna give them “The Hype Score” where 1 is “Could not care less” and 7 is “OMFG! Give it to me now”

Here we go! (All release dates are for Europe)

MAFIA 2 /Xbox 360, PS3 and PC/Release 27 Aug.

The upcoming “GTA IV-killer” looks amazing. A free roam game with incredible visuals and atmosphere. This is the game i am going to spend the autumn with.
Hype Score: 7

Dead Rising 2/Xbox 360/31 Aug

Loved the first game. Feels like nothing can go wrong here – except the fact that a new studio is behind the game. Makes me a little bit nervous but i am looking forward to kill 1000+ zombies, again
Hype Score: 5

Final Fantasy XIV/PC and PS3/30 Sep.

Me playing an online game? Well, if it says “Final Fantasy” i must give it a try.
Hype Score: 4

Professor Layton and the lost future/NDS/22 Oct.

160 new puzzles and a new game for Nintendo DS to play before sleep! I loved the prequel, and i think this is gonna be awesome!
Hype Score: 6

Rock Band 3/Ps3, Xbox 360, Wii/28 Oct.

A “real” guitar and a keyboard! Sounds… interesting. And fun.
Hype Score: 5

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II/Ps3, Xbox 360, Wii, NDS, PC/29 Oct.

It is Star Wars. And you gonna meet Yoda. Not so sure about the rest…
Hype Score: 4


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