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The Dark knight

Just saw this awesome movie (again) and here is some thoughts about it (Translated from my swedish review i wrote for
The review is heavily shortened and are just some brief lines from the full review.

The Dark Knight

After Memento – the road to Hollywood was a highway for Christopher Nolan. But turning from a clever, but somewhat independent thriller, to the most icon superhero of all time still felt surprising.
But with Batman Begins Nolan showed us that he clearly managed to do something with the trademark.

The movie felt like a fantastic new beginning and in the end of that movie – when Batman and Jim Gordon are meeting at the police departments roof, and when Gordon says; “Now, take this guy: armed robbery, double homicide. Got a taste for theatrical, like you. Leaves a calling card.” and Batman turns the card showing the Joker – the hype for a sequel started. And during the tragic loss of Heath Ledher, before the movie even was released the expectation of hos final role was sky high.

We all know the rest; The Dark Knight climbed (for a while) past The Godfather on, broke all possible box office record and Batman was back.

Heath Ledger as The Joker
“Do you know how I got these scars?”

Nolan understands the point of catching his audience from the beginning and starts of with a great bank robbery. The plot thickens, well-known faces shows up and The Dark Knight feels – thirty minutes in – like a more fast paced and better movie then its prequel. The scenario is great, the scenes between actors are remarkable – mostly based on a fantastic performance by Heath Ledger – but also thanks to Aaron Eckart as Harvey Dent and, once again, Gary Oldman as a perfect Jim Gordon.

The only big problem with the movie is the length and the fact that the script has so much going on. Really good scenes ends to quickly due to the fact that more things need to be handle – and the transformation for one of the bad guys just feel wrong and could easily be saved for a Batman 3.

Its rare – but it happens sometimes that an actor delivers something more that what we come to expect. Heath Ledger shows us something that is remarkable. Every scene with The Joker is amazing.  Scenes with him dares to be funny and scary. And the poetical. almost childish, way of the character is brought to you in a great way by the actor. It feels – in some ways – as he makes up the lines and moves as he go and makes the performance lifelike and believable.

The Dark Knight meets my highly expectations. Bale takes his Batman character seriously and Nolan makes a technically cinematic masterpiece.


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