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New screen?

I have a perfectly good 24″ Full-HD Packard Bell screen right now.

I mostly use my computer as a home studio. (Pictures will come soon) I record some demos – guitar, song, keyboard. Mix and editing. Basic stuff – but its fun to have some good gear and you learn a lot every time you spend some hours in the program. (I use N-track which sucks, but it was cheap and i just needed something that i already was familiar with…) Besides that i use my computer for normal regular Internet activity; Facebook, forums, bloging, sites, twitter… you know.

I also have my Xbox 360 attached to the screen. It works well, i sit about one meter away from the screen. The nice 16:9 layout give me a good view, but as the shopping of a new TV for my living room (probably a 47″ LG) comes closer i only gonna use my screen for computer related stuff. Maybe i watch a movie/Tv-show on it sometimes.

I was strolling around Internet, found this nice 27″-screen from Samsung. I don´t know if i need the extra three inches, but its always nice to upgrade. But there is other things i want more than a new PC-monitor – like a new Digital Camera. But if i buy this one i can put my “old” screen on the wall so i can see movies while lying in my bed. Doesn’t sound too bad.

Yes, i want you!


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