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Lost in Anime.

If you´re not already a fan of the Japanese cartoon style called “Anime” then its hard for me to convince you.

Its a special kind – indeed. But like all art forms you can never tell the whole story by just scratching the surface. Look at it this way – one comedy, drama or thriller is not like all the others, even if it fits in the genre. Or even better – watch ONE TV-show and try to convince someone that you don´t like TV-shows at all. I can understand that you find it hard to believe – but i am sure that if you give Anime a good chance, you will find something that appeals to you. But you need to give it a real good try. And thats probably the biggest problem for people who don´t understand Anime att all.

For me – who as a kid loved Silver Fang, but then rejected the whole art form based on Robotech – the biggest problem is to know where to go now. Anime is a genre that has literary thousands of shows, OAV´s and movies. The most known with the label “Studio Ghimli”. But i want to go past that – i want to broad my search for the real geeky Animes. The real special ones that appeals to me. I had that show once – Beck, about a rock band and it lasted (like most Anime shows) for 26 episodes. I have, like uhm… 50, 75… 100 (?) Gigabytes of Anime shows on my hard drive. Searching the Internet for “Where to start”.

Based on the shows i have already i somewhat know what i like. So i do a fast glance at the show, see if its something for me. The problem is – like all TV-series – that you don´t know this by doing a quick 2-minute-i-wanna-see-what-it-looks-like. You gotta give it time. You got to let the character, the story and the world grow on you.

Then you´re really hooked.

So i read ten Internet pages, i let “Top 100 Anime Shows” do the groud work for me. And i slowly start watching.


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